Training Services

We combine innovative technology and superior training techniques, which derives from years of experience, to provide you with a 360 degree framework for both horse and rider.

We help your horse to develop the topline (focus on the muscles). The only way to develop this is when the saddle fits correctly and with the correct training.

We believe and recommend Barefoot saddles, Barefoot is treeless, with its VPS system and flexible panels it spreads pressure and adapt to every horse's back. Barefoot was developed by a team of horse physiotherapists in Germany.

Please contact us for any information on Barefoot Saddles or products, as we have 14 years’ experience in dealing with Barefoot products and will recommend the best saddle for you and your horse.

Innovative technology is used during training and lessons, which includes equestrian headphones and microphones and auto following camera’s to optimize every training and lesson session.

For more information please contact us.